Citation for Jedediah W. Wescott



In County Court. Before Hon. O. Rowerdink


In the matter of the estate of J. W. Wescott.


H. A. Armstrong, petitioner, vs. Nancy A Wescott, George W. Wescott, Carrie Corbin, Luther Wescott, Arthur Wescott, and Minnie Keebler, respondents. Citation hearing proof of will.

The State of North Dakota to the above named respondents and all persons interested in the estate of Jedediah W. Wescott, deceased.

YOU AND EACH OF YOU ARE HEREBY notified that H. A. Armstrong, the petitioner herein, has filed in this court a document in writing, purporting to be the last will and testament of Jedediah W. Wescott, late of the village of Linton. In the county of Emmons and State of North Dakota, with his petition, praying for the admission to probate of said document as the last will and testament of said deceased; and for the issuance to himself of letters testamentary therein, and that the said petition and the proofs of said purported will and testament will be heard and duly considered by this court on Saturday, the 3d day of December A. D. 1904 at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day, at the courtrooms of this court in the county court house, in the village of Linton, county of Emmons and state of North Dakota; and

You and each of you are hereby cited to be and appear before this court at the said time and place and answer said petition and show said petition should not be granted.

By the court O. ROWERDINK

Oc27-nov11 Judge of the County Court.

Dated the 18th day of October, A. D. 1904

Original Citation.

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